Sonoff Zigbee Motion Sensor


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Sonoff Zigbee Motion Sensor: Elevate Your Home Security

Important Note: Zigbee motion sensors time out after 90 seconds, so they can’t effectively control lights via motion. We strongly recommend using the PIR3 RF motion sensor for motion-activated light control.
Compatibility: To connect all Zigbee devices to your Wi-Fi network, you’ll need a Zigbee bridge.

Instant Alerts: When the sensor detects motion, it immediately sends notifications to your smartphone, enhancing home security. You can also connect a camera to monitor activity.
Simplified Automation: You can easily configure smart scenes to automatically activate your Wi-Fi smart switch when motion is detected, significantly improving daily life efficiency.
Effortless Installation & Enhanced Detection: Use the included 3M adhesive to mount the sensor at your chosen locations. It detects motion up to 6 meters away with a wide 110-degree angle, providing comprehensive coverage.
Battery Management: Stay updated on your sensor’s battery life and receive notifications when it drops to 10%, prompting timely replacement.
Compatibility Requirements: Please note that SNZB-03 is not compatible with Google Assistant. It requires a Zigbee Bridge for operation, and the battery is not included. Ensure a distance of less than 80 meters between SNZB-03 and the Zigbee Bridge in open spaces.

The Sonoff Zigbee Motion Sensor adds significant value to your smart home setup. It instantly notifies you of motion detection and can connect to SONOFF ZBBridge to control Wi-Fi devices, expanding your capabilities beyond Zigbee devices.

For example, you can create a scene that automatically illuminates your living room when motion is detected. The new camera feature enhances security by alerting you to motion and capturing video footage. With a 110° field of view and a 6-meter detection range, you’ll receive timely alerts about any presence in your home. Multiple users can participate in home monitoring through the shared control feature.

Installation is straightforward with the included 3M adhesive tape, and the sensor conveniently operates using a 3V battery (CR2450).

Additional Information:

  • Battery: 3V (CR2450)
  • Wireless Protocol: Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4)
  • Material: PC
  • Dimensions: 35 x 39 x 28mm