Sonoff Motion Sensor PIR3-RF


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Sonoff PIR3 RF Motion Sensor

  • Effortless Light Control: Illuminate your space with ease. Lights activate upon motion detection and automatically switch off after a set duration.
      • Important Note: Requires the RF Bridge. (Up to 16 motion sensors per bridge)
  • Enhanced Security: Connect to Cameras for Instant Alerts. Quickly access camera feeds through notification links.
  • Versatile Modes: Tailor Your Experience. Choose between Alert Mode and Normal Mode, each offering distinct trigger mechanisms for different scenarios.
  • Smart Scene Integration: Personalize Your Space. Create smart scenes that trigger multiple devices and scenes based on your needs.
  • Simple Installation: Hassle-Free Setup. The included 3M adhesive ensures easy mounting.

Features of the Sonoff PIR3-RF:

  • Compact and Versatile: The PIR3-RF’s small and compact design makes it suitable for various locations, effectively detecting motion.
  • Instant Motion Alerts: Receive push notifications when motion is detected, enhancing your home security.
  • Ideal for Home Security: Detect movements within an 8-meter range and receive alert notifications on your mobile device. Connect it to a SONOFF camera for real-time intruder identification.
  • Lighting Automation: Seamlessly control your lights by connecting the sensor to the SONOFF RF Bridge. Set up scenarios like automatic bathroom or hallway light activation upon motion detection, followed by automatic deactivation.
  • Dual Modes: The PIR3-RF offers two working modes – alert and normal. In alert mode, the sensor triggers every 5 seconds when someone enters the detection range. In normal mode, the next alert trigger activates if no motion is detected within 1 minute after the previous trigger.

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