SONOFF L3 Pro Rainbow Smart LED Strip Lights 5M


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SONOFF L3 Pro Smart LED Strip – Elevate Your Lighting Experience

  • Experience Smart RGBIC Effects – Unlike traditional RGB strips, SONOFF L3 Pro RGBIC LED lights expertly display multiple colors at once, creating captivating dynamic lighting.
  • 44 Preset Lighting Effects – Explore diverse options with 44 preset lighting scenes, meticulously designed for various settings, sparking your imagination with a vast color palette.
  • Immerse in Music Mode – Dive into a world where sound and light harmonize seamlessly. L3 Pro RGBIC LED strips feature a highly sensitive microphone for immersive synchronization with music.
  • Effortless Voice Control – Integrate L3 Pro with Google Assistant, Alexa, and SmartThings. Command your lighting effortlessly, adjusting color, brightness, and temperature with voice commands.
  • Reliable Local Control – Enjoy complete local control, free from Wi-Fi limitations or signal concerns.
  • Important Note – Please note the 5V USB power supply is not included; it must be purchased separately.

Ordinary RGB strips can only display one color at a time, limiting creativity. However, the new SONOFF L3 Pro RGBIC Smart LED Strip revolutionizes lighting. Each lamp bead on the L3 Pro features an IC (built-in independent chip) for simultaneous multicolor display, creating mesmerizing lighting effects.

For camping, holiday celebrations, or room decoration, the RGBIC strip lights offer a multitude of color combinations. With 44 preset lighting effects, set the perfect scene effortlessly. The built-in microphone syncs lights with music in music mode, transforming your space dynamically.

Additionally, the L3 Pro seamlessly integrates with Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings, allowing voice control of brightness, color temperature, and quick scene mode switches. Elevate your lighting with the SONOFF L3 Pro RGBIC Smart LED Strip.