SONOFF DW2 Wi-Fi Wireless Door/Window Sensor


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Discover the convenience of the SONOFF DW2 Wi-Fi Wireless Door/Window Sensor, designed with your home security in mind. This sensor offers:

No Gateway Needed – Seamlessly pair the sensor with the App via Bluetooth and control it through your WiFi connection, eliminating the need for an additional gateway device.

Low-Battery Reminder & History Records Check – Stay informed with App notifications for low battery levels, and easily access the last 3 months of historical records to monitor sensor activity.

Status Sync & Camera Binding – Effortlessly monitor the real-time status of the sensor through the App, and explore the potential for camera binding to enhance your security measures.

Easy Installation – Enjoy hassle-free installation with a simple peel-and-stick process that fits comfortably on door frames and windows, securing your home without the need for complex setups.

Please Note – AAA batteries required for operation are not included in the package.

Stay connected with your home’s security through the SONOFF DW2 Wi-Fi Wireless Door/Window Sensor, compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11 b 2.4GHz. Elevate your peace of mind with this user-friendly, efficient security solution.