Sonoff B02- WiFi Smart LED Bulb (Screw-In Only)


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Sonoff B02 Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb – your ultimate lighting solution.

  • Bluetooth Pairing: Experience lightning-fast pairing and control your bulbs with ease using the eWeLink APP.
  • Adjustable Schedule/Scene Action: Not only can you schedule lighting for any time, but you can also fine-tune brightness and color temperature for the perfect ambiance.
  • E27 Screw-In Base: Equipped with a standard E27 base, installation is a breeze.
  • Energy Conservation: This bulb consumes only 9.9kWh per year, delivering significant energy cost savings.
  • Rhythm Live: With MIC recognition technology, your smartphone can synchronize music to up to 10 bulbs, creating an immersive and dynamic lighting experience that harmonizes with your music.