Eachen Zigbee Bridge Pro (eWeLink)


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eWelink Zigbee Bridge Pro: Your Gateway to Seamless Connectivity

Bringing Together Zigbee and Wi-Fi: The eWelink Zigbee Bridge Pro is your essential link to unite Zigbee devices and Wi-Fi devices, enabling effortless communication and the creation of smart scenes.

Unmatched Connectivity, Infinite Potential: Experience unmatched connectivity with the Pro Bridge, capable of accommodating up to 120 Zigbee devices. Whether it’s wireless buttons, wireless temperature/humidity sensors, or wireless door/window contacts, the possibilities are limitless.

Long-Distance Signal Reach: With a remarkable 200-meter communication range between adjacent devices (line of sight), the Pro Bridge ensures your commands travel far and wide, making it suitable for even spacious environments.

Enhanced Surveillance: The Pro Bridge offers seamless camera binding. Connect a camera to the Bridge or a sub-device and gain a comprehensive view of your home, accessible from either one.

Key Features:

  1. Expand your network with 120+ sub-devices.
  2. Enjoy exceptional coverage spanning over 200 meters (line of sight).
  3. Equipped with a high-performance ESP32 CPU, featuring a dual-core processor operating at 240MHz and Ethernet connectivity.
  4. The package includes USB power and a network cable for your convenience.